I’m always on the hunt for great design and development websites.
Here are just a few of my favorites:

Airbnb Design Blog
Airbnb’s official blog on what their design team works on.

Benedict Evans

The blog of one of my role models, Benedict Evans. Currently, he works at a16z and his knowledge of mobile is incredible. Evans regularly updates his blog with great insights.

Color Claim
Color Claim is the product of design mastermind Tobias van Schneider. The color combinations presented on the site are his favorite color combinations.

Creative Bloq
Satisfy your creative fix with some inspiration from this always fascinating, always colorful website.

CSS Tricks
If you ever have any questions regarding CSS, Javascript or Php, this is the best website to get answers. Discussions are moderated very well and the community is very knowledgeable and friendly.

First Round Review
First Round Capital’s official blog featuring incredibly informative articles on marketing, design, management, culture and more.

Obsessed with customizing your apple products? Poolga offers a huge variety of creative backgrounds and designs from a wide range of designers, illustrators and artists.

Want to know what the archetypal mobile flow looks like for specific tasks on different platforms? pttrns is a collection of all mobile design resources.

Source Code in TV and Films
If you’ve ever wondered what the source code in television shows and movies really means, this Tumblr breaks it all down for you.

A great website for the well-rounded techie! A fantastic source for UI, UX and Web Design inspiration.

Subtle Patterns
Need a texture or pattern for a minimal layout? Subtle Patterns offers a wide variety of patterns ranging from elegant to cool.

Swift PSD
For premium WordPress themes and free design resources, look no further than Swift PSD, with its simple and easily navigable website design.

Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing
My go-to if I need a little font inspiration.

Not limited to any one thing, Ultralinx has app recommendations, tumblr themes, art designs, wallpapers and much more. The minimalist interface of this website is pretty sweet, too.

UI Parade
Had a bad day? If you’re into UI, this is the website to go to when you need to de-stress. UI Parade has a gallery for buttons, charts, forms, knobs and much more. This is any UI designer’s paradise.

UX Reactions
Hilarious gifs that any UX designer can relate to.


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