Hi there. My name is Sara and I work at Microsoft.

I was inspired to start this WordPress blog in August 2012 after I took my first web design class in college. Back in elementary school, I used to design webpages on sites like Neopets, but I didn’t stick with coding after that, which is something I regret to this day. But after taking an introductory web development class at USC, the passion I once had for coding and designing was rekindled, and I sought out to learn as much about tech as possible.

I took up double minors in web development and mobile app development and ended up interning at four different mobile gaming companies during college. I was also one of the first students (out of two) at USC to graduate with a minor in mobile app development.

What makes tech so exciting for me is that there’s always something to learn. Since the tech world is so expansive now (and growing still), it’s impossible to say, “I’ve learned all there is to know about tech.”

The name of this blog, “TechVolo,” is a portmanteau of “tech” and the Latin word “volo,” meaning “to fly,” and describes the fast-paced state of technology in this day and age.

The topics that I talk about on this blog are never predictable. Sometimes they’ll relate to current tech news, while other times I’ll discuss trends I see surfacing.

I’ve got a lot to say, and I’m always looking to engage in discussions via comments, email or Twitter.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to contribute, feel free to send me an email at hi@saraclayton.co, visit my website here or follow me on Twitter here.

Disclaimer: The opinions mentioned herein are solely mine and do not reflect those of my current employer nor my previous or future employers.


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