Favorite Things of 2012: Small Businesses

No blog would be complete without some kind of 2012 post to round out this eventful year, so I have decided to publish a post each day listing my favorite small businesses, apps, website designs and typefaces from this year! Without a doubt, 2012 was the year of innovation and rapid growth in technology and business. There has been an undeniable upshoot in start-ups, more movements than ever towards promoting STEM and CS education as well as a flurry of apps being created and brilliant minds coming together. It’s been a year of triumph, with its share of ups and downs. But with that being said, I present to you all the first of many more “Favorite Things of 2012” lists to come!

Best of… small businesses!

New York Mouth
Self-proclaimed purveyor of indie foods, New York Mouth is a Brooklyn-based distributor of inventive and tasty snacks and foods. They have a huge and diverse inventory stocked with such goodies as maple bacon lollipops, orange pistachio shortbread cookies, king salmon jerky and much more. Though these snacks are a tad pricey, if you’re craving for something unique and delicious, New York Mouth has you covered.

Ever loved a photo so much that you wanted to EAT it? It might not be the most widely-shared desire, but it’s now possible thanks to the people at the NorCal-based chocolate photograph company, Cocoagraph! Simply submit a photo to these chocolate artisans and expect a scrumptious and chocolatey version of your photo in the mail within 1-2 weeks! A cocoagraph makes a perfect gift or goodie bag favor for company get togethers, weddings or, really, just about any event!

Foldable.Me is a start-up funded by Kickstarter that allows users to customize and create mini foldable versions of friends and family. Founded in March 2012, Foldable.Me has come a long way since its earlier humble beginnings. Because this company is based in the UK, if you live anywhere else, shipping will take longer than a week. But it will all be worth it once your awesome cardboard friend arrives in the mail.

If you’ve seen an eight-bit anchor tattoo or a cowboy octopus tattoo on someone recently, chances are that you just saw a temporary tattoo designed by Tattly. Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Tattly, enlisted a bunch of all-start designers and illustrators to create beautiful and vivid temporary tattoos. Think you’re too old for tattoos? Wait until you get a look at the ones made by Tattly.

What other small businesses are out there that you’d like to give a shout-out to? Leave a comment!

Next up… Techvolo’s favorite apps of 2012!