Tweets, Reblogs, Upvotes – Oh My!

Everyone has their respective opinions about social media. Some people LOVE to share on Facebook. Others count tweetstorming as a serious hobby. There are also people (believe it or not) that shy away from social media completely.

I’ve been around social media for nearly a decade, but have been most invested in it during these past couple of years. I’ve struggled with some serious FOMO, had to go cold turkey from Instagram and, as of late, quit using Snapchat too.

Even though May is Social Media Month (apparently), I wanted to take the months of July and August to share my thoughts on social media, and also hear other’s thoughts as well. Snapchat and Facebook may only seem like small aspects of our lives, but depending on who we talk to, they play a much larger role than we think.

I wanted to end this post with a fantastic piece from Nir Eyal on FOMO. Enjoy.

via Huffington Post

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