Favorite Things of 2012: Websites

In the past, I’ve said that home screens really say a lot about a person. But I believe the same goes for company websites or, sometimes rather, the lack of a company website. It’s one thing to have a great restaurant and sure, many places thrive on word of mouth. However, if your restaurant has an unorganized website with key elements missing like online menus (which happens far too often), people might be turned off from visiting.

Which brings me to the next Techvolo list of 2012 — websites. It isn’t everyday that a person comes across websites such as the ones below. Each one is not only unique and extremely creative, but also benefits the company by being informative in a way that also captivates the visitor.

So my hat goes off to the the following websites. I hope to see many more like them in 2013.

inTacto 10 Years

Okay, so this website was technically created at the end of 2011 not 2012. Yet this website, a visually stimulating representation of the interactive marketing agency, inTacto, and technology over a ten year span, is too good to not have on this list.

Unfinished Business School

The Unfinished Business School is a social online master class where tasks involve self-directed learning as well as activities involving teams within one’s company or business. It’s an innovative idea with an attractive and certainly a bona fide website behind it.

Cantilever Fish & Chips

Based in Latchford, a suburban district in Cheshire, England, Cantilever Fish & Chips has been in business since the 1930s, but it’s hard to tell by their completely modern website. The navigation makes use of simple parallax scrolling and makes the experience of browsing their site very enjoyable.

Epipheo Studios

Though Epipheo’s website may not be what you call beautiful, it’s exploding with creativity and personality. Taking advantage of smooth scrolling, Epipheo has colorful doodles to keep a user entertained while clicking through the various sections of the website. It’s this kind of humor that makes potential customers want to know more about such a fun company and, eventually, do business.

Atlantis World’s Fair

Based on the Lost World’s Fairs series, the Atlantis World’s Fair is a website that uses the magic of vertical parallax scrolling to bring to life a virtual version of Atlantis. The mastermind behind the Atlantis World’s Fair, designer Frank Chimero, combines facts and his wild and brilliant imagination to produce this work of art.


WWWASTE is an elegantly minimalist website aimed at increasing web user awareness of the ecological impact of daily Internet surfing. Making use of interactive drag-and-drop features, WWWASTE gives the user a pleasant click-through experience and, at the same time, presents the user with alarming facts about his or her contribution to the electric overconsumption of dataservers. A beautiful and interesting yet morally conflicting webpage, to the say the least.


Unlike many of the above websites, the website for SpellTower is perhaps the least complicated of them all, yet it’s so uncluttered that it can still keep up with these big-hitting websites. The SpellTower website is effective and, like the game, a marketer’s dream come true because 1) it touts the benefits and advantages of downloading SpellTower, 2) it’s simple, informative and attractive and 3) it includes great testimonials. This website’s minimal format and layout is an exemplary website for start-ups and apps with a product to sell and a powerful message to convey.

What do you think of these websites? Too much going on? Too little going on? Are there any other websites I might have missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Next up… Techvolo’s favorite typefaces of 2012!


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