What To Get a Designer For the Holidays

Though shopping for a loved one, relative or friend may already seem difficult enough, what if that girlfriend or best friend were a designer? The present not only has to be of use to them, but it also has to look good before they open it. But what if you’re not the most graceful wrapper or the most conscientious gift-giver? Did you use Comic Sans on that last holiday card you made? Don’t panic. Here’s the ultimate guide for how to shop for a designer:

Bamboo Stylus, $29.95

Compatible with tablets and mobile devices, the Bamboo Stylus offers a pen-writing experience that all designers will enjoy. Easy to use, light and most of all, sleek, the Bamboo Stylus makes pen-to-electronic device writing cleaner and more elegant than ever before. Small yet powerful, the Bamboo Stylus can be easily wrapped in newspaper or tucked into a small bag with some tissue paper.

Stendig 2013 Wall Calendar, $29.95

“When in doubt for the holidays, buy a calendar,” or so I thought the saying goes. But there’s definitely some truth to this statement. Even though many people now use smartphones to keep track of their day-to-day schedules, calendars can still be used as decorative pieces if not for their original purpose. Regardless, the Stendig Wall Calendar serves these dual purposes exceedingly well. It makes for easy wrapping too.

Pantone Accessories, $9.95 – $80

For the simple yet devoted designer, try a product from Pantone. Offering accessories like journals and mugs, Pantone is committed to bringing out the beauty in the colors of their products, a mantra that all designers can appreciate. Since Pantone products come simply and beautifully packaged, all you have to do is stick a bow on the box it comes in and you’re done.

Field Notes “The Kit,” $26.95

If you know a designer that is quick to jot down ideas from the top of his or her head, “The Kit” from the makers of Field Notes might be the perfect gift. With six classic field notes memo books, field notes ball point pens, field notes pencils and a field notes 18-month calendar, the designer in your life will never miss an opportunity to do some brainstorming.

Minimalist Tees, $35 – $110

Perhaps your designer friend/relative/beau is in need of some clothing this holiday? Minimalist Tees can help. Offering quirky yet simple shirts, these t-shirts also work as the perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor or a love of Helvetica.

Magazine Subscriptions, $34.99 – $307.05

Magazines that you would gift to a designer are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill tabloid magazines. Rather, these magazines are carefully compiled works of art that are meant to last. Kinfolk, Apartamento, Uppercase  and Extra Curricular are just some of these creative publications. Can’t wait for the magazine to arrive? Kinfolk, for instance, can be found at any local Anthropologie, along with other great magazines.

Have any other gift ideas to share? Let me know in the comments!


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