Happy 14th Birthday, Google!

Since today (Thursday, September 27th) marks the 14th anniversary of Google, I thought it would be fun to dedicate this post to Google and all of its crowning achievements!

In 1997, the Google.com domain went online and  from there, the company started to make its mark in tech and internet history. By the next year, Google had already indexed 30 million pages. Three years after that, 1 billion pages were indexed.

In February 2003, Google purchased Blogger and a month after, launched AdSense. Within the time frame spanning about 3 years after these events, Gmail was also launched, Google became an IPO, Google acquired YouTube, Android was announced and Chrome was launched. How crazy is that?!

So it may or may not be surprising then that Google’s target IPO in April 2004 was $2,178,281,828. What a number!

What also may or may not be surprising is that 45% of Google’s products are in beta! This means that even when Google has all these masterpieces going for them, they are continually innovating and improving and devising and creating. One of their projects to keep an eye out for is Google’s Project Glass which has “Terminator Vision,” Virtual Navigation and uses hand and body movements instead of touch screens for a phenomenal and never before seen augmented reality interface.

So congratulations, Google, and a happy birthday to you!! You have rightfully earned every slice of virtual cake and every scoop of ice cream!

Still want to learn more about Google and its successes?

For an infographic describing what the world would be like without Google click here.

To scroll through an interactive infographic about the evolution of Google, starting with Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s first meeting, click here!


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