Ye Olde Mac vs PC Debate

I have a confession to make.

Every post I put up on Tech Volo is done using, not a Mac, but a PC.

Surprised? I don’t blame you. After all, I’m 19 (Mac users are 22% more likely than PC users to be between the ages of 18-34), I like to snack on hummus and banh mi (PC people supposedly prefer tuna fish sandwiches and patty melts) and I’m a big fan of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report (PC people tend to enjoy The Newshour with Jim Lehrer and 20/20 more).

Where am I getting these facts? The fabulous people at the Hunch Blog surveyed over 700,000 Hunch users between March 2009 and April 2011 about their personal preferences as PC or Mac users and organized everything into a neat “Profile Of A Self-Described Mac Person vs. PC person” infographic.

Sure, it’s all a little silly, but it’s also very interesting to see just how differently these two brands (sorry Linux) portray themselves through the users of their products and not primarily through their products.

Remember those good ol’ Mac vs. PC commercials? Apple made it so easy to laugh at the uptight, suited middle-aged man with the spectacles and so difficult to root against the smooth, relaxed and confident brunette yuppie in the slacks. Instead of being subtle, Apple went ahead and boldly showed the world what they thought a typical Mac user and buyer should look and act like. These commercials were flattering for Mac users but terribly embarrassing for PC users. Nevertheless, the commercials worked. Apple successfully branded themselves as the “cool” operating system and to this day, never fails to maintain that image (except when they started to run those Genius Bar ads… read more about it here).

But what if you’re a PC user, like me? First of all, don’t feel bad. I did at one point, while those ingenious Mac vs. PC commercials were running, but once I realized it was all a marketing tactic, I was once again happy with my trusty PC.

But what if you actually want a Mac but just can’t afford to have one or have to wait a while until you can get one? Well, right now my computer looks a little like this:

Like what you see at the bottom? Though you can’t completely change your PC into a Mac, you can just pretend for the time being. All you have to do is download ObjectDock here and you’ll have a new Mac-esque widget on your PC!

So are you a proud Mac user or a proud PC user? What do you like about your operating system of choice? What do you not like? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Ye Olde Mac vs PC Debate

  1. Hey, cool 50 yo Mac guy here, was a PC/Windows guy since 1990, developing software for the same, along comes the iPhone/iPad/iPod thingys, had to get a Mac so I could keep up with the really cool kids, ran mac as a separate machine, then found using a Virtual Machine on the Mac I could still have my Mac and eat my Windows too, oh joy.
    Now 2 years later my SOHO that had 4 Windows PC’s and laptops now has a iMac plus a iMac Mini Server, 2 x ipads and 4 x iPhones, and only 1 lonely Window machine for testing old software, all business documents, email and daily scheduling etc is now Mac based.
    So 20 years of PC converted to MAC in 2, I miss you Steve.

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