News Round-Up #2

I promise that I won’t bombard you all with news round-ups, but there have been so many recent developments in tech… I just couldn’t wait to tell you all about them!

Google Webinars

On Thursday, August 8th, Google is hosting a webinar on multi-channel funnels. If you have an Ad Words Customer ID, you can sign-up for the webinar. If not, don’t fret. Google records their webinars so you can view them whenever and wherever you want.

Apple Pulls Genius Bar Ads After Backlash

After airing a couple of Genius Bar commercials during the Olympics, Apple decided to pull the ads after receiving some negative feedback in the form of parodies and memes, among others. Sure, people were offended to be portrayed as a witless, oblivious customer, but was it also weird to have apple anthropomorphized? After all, Apple commercials are usually product-driven, not service-driven. What do you think?

The Interactive Internet Map

Artist, visionary and tech wiz Ruslan Enikeev has created what he calls “The Internet Map,” an unconventional map that displays the Internet universe in the form of clusters of constellations and galaxies. Enikeev says his this elaborate project was made as, “[an] attempt to look into the hidden structure of the network, fathom its colossal scale, and examine that which is impossible to understand from the bare figures of statistics.”

Starbucks And Square To Team Up

That’s right — Jack Dorsey’s second brainchild (aside from his other project, Twitter) has partnered up with the mega-corporation to provide customers with an even easier way to pay for their venti lattes and cappuccinos. Starbucks, it turns out, is also investing $25 million in Square, hoping that this investment will pay off as soon as Square really takes off. So far, Square is used mostly by mobile vendors and the like, but with the addition of Starbucks in the Square circle (no pun intended), who knows where Square will go next.

Google’s Driverless Car Is Now Safer Than The Average Driver

I think it’s time that we start to worry. Machines really are doing everything better than us, even when it comes to driving a car. Google enthused that its self-driving cars have gone 300,000 miles without any kind of accident. The average driver has an accident after approximately 165,000 miles of driving. I guess it’s Machines: 1, Humans: 0 this time around.

Do you miss the Genius Bar commercials? Is Enikeev’s Internet Map incredible or what? Would you ever buy a self-driving car if it were reasonably-priced? Let Tech Volo know in the comments!


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