News Round-Up #1

From Apple dismissing Youtube from its new iPhone 5 to a teen prodigy building an artificial cancer-detecting “brain,” a lot has occurred this week in the news.

Youtube To Vanish From iPhone In Latest Sign Google, Apple Growing Apart

This headline may seem surprising, but considering the turmoil that has existed between Google and Apple since 2007, a move like this on Apple’s part was almost inevitable.

The Apple and Google partnership wasn’t always so bad. In 2006, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt joined Apple’s board of directors. That’s when YouTube and Google Maps were added as features to the first iPhone — features that became the pieces de résistance for iPhones.

But when the late Steve Jobs discovered that Schmidt’s goal was to put Google at the center of the smartphone business, he was infuriated.

Now Apple is in a patent fight with Samsung, a valuable player in the Android World.

Looks like Apple will have some ‘splainin to do in the near future.

Tumblr Launches Hub For Original Content

The “reblog” button is arguably the most commonly abused button on Tumblr. Wanting to change its reputation of no-originality, recycling ways, Tumblr has now launched Reblorg to encourage users to create their own original content instead of reblogging everything.

The FBI Finally Abandons Paper, Goes All-Digital

The FBI’s brand-spanking new all-digital system, “Sentinel,” as it’s called, “features a web browser-style user interface that allows agents to enter and review information about cases or suspects.” This development means quicker and more efficient searching, so the FBI can breathe a little easier.

The Perfect Playlist: How Your iPod Can Help You Run Faster And Harder

Despite some skepticism, listening to music while exercising really does add an extra “umph” to your workouts. But in order to get the most out of your playlists, make sure to keep these guidelines in mind when working out: 1) Select tracks with energizing beats (the optimal range is 120-140 beats per minute), 2) Stick with what you know (associations with songs prove to be very powerful), 3) Don’t forget to hit shuffle (so you don’t become desensitized to the motivating effects of your music) and 4) Be choosy about lyrics (you may need to reconsider Call Me Maybe).

17-Year Old Girl Builds Artificial ‘Brain’ To Detect Breast Cancer

Brittany Wenger has not even attended college yet, but she has already accomplished more in her lifetime than many professors nearly three times her age.

At just 17 years old, Wenger won the Google Science Fair with a cloud-based neural network used to detect malignancy for breast cancer. She has ran 7.6 million trials and currently her invention has a 99.1 percent sensitivity to malignancy.

Wenger currently has a website, Cloud4Cancer Breast Cancer Detection that uses fine needle aspirates to determine whether a known breast mass is malignant or benign.

One small step for girl, one giant leap for women in tech!

Have any thoughts on this week’s news round-up? Do you think the iPhone 5 will still be popular, even without a YouTube widget? Will Reblorg prove to be a success? What is in store for the bright Brittany Wenger? Leave your comments below!


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